A strategic business development, marketing and sales team based in São Paulo

A team based in São Paulo, coving Brazil and Latin America

Strategy and Sales

Strategic studies and insight into Latin American and Brazilian business. Communication and marketing for corporate and product areas

Qualitative and quantitative Market Research; especially in the PC distribution, channel, OEM, SI and retail areas
Headquarter Local

Help to find Local production, SKD and CKD advise. Works with local customer and market knowledge, contacts and advice

Logistics, RMA and credit advice and support.3rd party legal, accounting and finance support

About Us

Our Services

- Qualitative and quantitative Market Research (PC Channel and retail)

– Strategic studies and insight into Latin American and Brazil

– Communication and marketing strategies for corporate and products

– Business development, Sales, order taking, admin. Local production, SKD and CKD advise

– Local customer and market knowledge, contacts, RMA and credit advice and support

Who we are

OCPtech is a strategic business development, marketing, sales and representative company based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. We work with International clients who need a base for their business in Brazil and the Southern Cone of Latin America.

We are a small team of four individuals, each with special skills and knowledge that complement each other to create a team who can bring your technology business or products to fruition in Latin America.
We work with Public Relations reviews and key marketing tactics.

Our Team

We are different people from four totally different backgrounds. Each of us brings skills and knowledge that complement each other. Together, we share one vision, one work ethic and one clarity of purpose.

With over 45 years of combined experience in the technology arena, we know how this all works in Brazil and Latin America. We are totally connected within the Brazilian, Argentinian and Chilean PC and technology retail and distribution channel. Strategy, sales, marketing, PR, technical support, training and but a few of the skills we use on a daily basis.

What makes us different?

It is the combination of big company skills and experience gained while working in leadership roles in major technology companies in Europe and the US, combined with local knowledge, contacts and partnerships, ‘on the ground’ so to speak, that allow us to produce results quickly, and effectively.

Whatever your needs, including market knowledge, product positioning, customer contacts or sales and marketing of existing products, we are able to bring our team together to make your entry into Brazil and Latin America effective.


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